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veGNOME Calculator and Stablecoin boosting

Boosting rewards
The first usecase for veGNOME holders is to boost their GENE or GNOME rewards in Stablecoin Vaults at​
The GNOME staking/locking UI incorporates a calculator used to determine what boost would be received under current conditions. This calculator is able to account for the particular stablecoin staked in a given quantity based on the current TVL of the pool and the amount of veGNOME an account holds relative to those others who have also staked the same asset.
Staking and locking your GNOME for longer periods, gives you a bigger boost. Below illustrates the difference in locking 1000 GNOME for four years vs one month and the effect it has on stablecoin vault rewards. In the example below - we see staking for four years gives a 1% APR boost, versus one month at a .21% APR boost.