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What is ? is a genomic data security company co-founded by Dr Mark Hahnel and Aldo de Pape in 2018. We are a UK-registered company and operate from London, UK. The project strives to meet the increasing expectations of research organizations, institutions as well as customers for the security of genomic data and the quality of research workflow. In order to increase the democratization and decentralization of genomic studies, we focus on combining cutting-edge technologies such as AMD’s SEV, blockchain and decentralized finance.

What is the problem ?

Popular sequencing companies today such as 23andMe and their contemporaries often use genotyping that only analyses 0.02% of your genome. Apart from the technological standard of the sequencing kits, data security and privacy issues are raised. In their model, consumer data is amassed into DNA databases owned and controlled by private companies. These companies have already sold access to their database to large pharmaceutical companies in multimillion dollar deals, have experienced data hacks/breach and have even shared the data with law enforcement. Essentially, their business model allows them to cover losses on providing users with DNA testing and reports by seizing ownership of your data (in de-identified databases) and selling it to third-parties that want access.

How are we solving it ?

For individuals

We offer our the general public access to clinical quality 30x whole genome sequencing, personalised genomic reports based on this data, and secure data storage in their personal DNA Vault. Using the Genomes mobile app, our users control third-party access to their DNA Vault and get paid for contributing data to research, without ever losing privacy or giving up ownership of their genome.

For organisations

We offer organisations (e.g. rare disease patient organisations, population sequencing initiatives, healthcare providers) our DNA Vault technology to create secure and participant-owned genomic databases. allows organisations to contribute genomic data of their participants to drive research and innovation, but in a responsible model that ensures private and transparent data access, fully informed repeat consent, and equitable compensation.

For researchers

We offer researchers (e.g. pharmaceutical/biotech companies, academia) the ability to easily query databases of relevant and high quality genomic datasets. Researchers can use this to understand the causes of disease and to develop new drugs. In our model, genomic data can be made available to researchers to supercharge medical innovation, but without compromising the privacy or ownership rights of individuals
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